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Logo of the campsite
Logo of the campsite


Solar panels in Rosário!

Solar panels

Contributing to the global energy transition we have installed 30 solar panels on the farmhouse’s roof. With the abundant sunshine 🌞 on about 300 days of the year they reduce significantly our total energy consumption from the grid. Therefore we have decided to reduce our tariffs for electric energy* with 25% !! (*compared to 2023 ).

December 6, 2023

Improved Wi-Fi coverage in the campsite!


With a constant increase in the demand for high-speed internet in every corner of the campsite we have made additional investments to improve the coverage. We have installed a state of the art, high tec ‘Wi-Fi mesh’. The bandwidth is automatically directed to the zones where the demand is. Thus, keeping the signal strong and maintaining speed. Our free Wi-Fi signal is now steady and strong enough to make remote working ‘fun in the sun’.

December 6, 2023

New location for the reception!


Starting the 2024 season, the reception and registration of new guests will take place in the area named the ‘camping lounge’. From now on this area will be more multi-functional. Registration and a variety of information all brought together in one place. The room will continue to serve as a place where to chat, read a book of watch your favourite soccer match.

December 6, 2023

Work in progress!

Work in progress

Parallel to the national road N373, fortunately at a distance of at least 15kms (!) from the campsite a high-speed railway 🚂 is being built. This is the road your sat nav indicates as the most direct or fastest route from the Spanish border to us. During these works trucks and other heavy vehicles have ruined this road heavily. Repairs are not to be expected soon. So, to avoid bumps and potholes (and possible damage to your caravan or camper) we strongly advise you to make a small detour by staying on the A6 until exit #8. To avoid toll exit at #9 and continue via the N4. Join the N255 near Borba and continue to Alandroal and Rosário.

December 6, 2023

Alqueva waters; so far, so good!

The campsite

Autumn and winter mean rains in Alentejo. And rain we need to regenerate the land and give us the abundance of wildflowers in spring. The Alqueva lake, on which we enjoy the view from the campsite is not just a joy for canoeing or fishing. It also provides water for irrigation in a vast area in the south of the country. And so, levels fluctuate during the year. The rains up until now are taking good care of replenishing.

December 6, 2023